Our job

  • Pay statement preparation
  • Preparation, notification and issuance of all contributions mandatory by law
  • Elaboration of end-of-contract social documentation
  • Issuance of a monthly payroll summary for the accounting department
  • Social auditing
  • Staff administration
  • Scheduling and management of employees' medical check-ups
  • Registration of the company and the employees to the relevant government entities
  • Legal requirements compliance (in case of expatriation and secondment)
  • Legal requirements support for foreign employees in France
  • Support for non-French-based companies (RFE)
  • Follow-up and managing of government entities' administrative verifications
  • Payroll management training
  • HR services
Our skills at your service will help you to:
  • Evaluate the opportunities for setting up in France
  • Assess the project's feasibility
  • Execute projects to set up in France, with the support of our network of professional partners
  • Launch the appropriate actions in order to successfully accomplish your setting up in France
We counsel you on:
  • The type of setting up: representative office, branch, subsidiary, etc.
  • Organizing the project
  • Required documentation
  • Necessary authorizations
  • Reporting configuration
  • Legal formalities related to the reception of foreign employees on secondment in France
We ensure:
  • The registration in France of the foreign company (including follow-up and deletion)
  • Representation in France
  • Registration with the Urssaf de Bas-Rhin and with all other relevant government entities
  • The registration of employees with relevant government entities
  • Preparation, notification and issuance of all social contributions mandatory by law
  • The complete takeover of the payroll management
  • The transfer of up-to-date payroll information to the accounting department