Our team

Our consultants are all certified professionals in the fields of employer legal requirements (government entities and employees), financial and accounting auditing and all of them have at least 5 years of professional experience.
Our legal department is consistently up-to-date concerning all legal regulations in order to supply the right answers to all your questions.

Who is Germain Gakpé?

The President and Founder of GK-Paie French Payroll Services, Germain GAKPE gained his experience from his 25 years spent working at BTP Presse, a leader of the trade press in Paris, where he was Administrative and Financial Director.

He has also worked as Head of Mission and manager of the social division at the international accounting firm Spira Twist in Paris.

After 30 years of experience in financial management and accounting and payroll auditing, Germain GAKPE established GK-PAIE in order to provide solutions for companies willing to outsource their payroll management.

His numerous experiences in supporting foreign companies as well as his detailed knowledge of the French employer legal requirements (government entities and employees) and fiscal system allow him to provide services perfectly adapted to foreign companies planning to set up in France.

Germain GAKPE graduated from Novencia Business School, formerly known as Eccip-Advencia Paris.